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Merry Christmas!

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 12/24/2013
Let us remember the first Christmas. The whole celebration took place on a dirt floor. The presents were without any wrapping paper or bows. The decoration was a bright star shining in the west, more beautiful than any Christmas ornament, wreath or tree could ever be.

Dog TV--Best Watched from a Dog Kennel or Crate

Posted by Schley Cox on 8/17/2013
Today we discuss the newly released DOGTV. This new subscription channel offers programming designed especially for our dogs. The selections offered are relaxation, stimulation and exposure. We took this to our rescue Border Terrier, Scully for his review. He is quite the television watcher. You can learn about Scully's reaction below. Our reaction, is if you leave your dog at home alone, it is always best to leave your dog in a crate or kennel. Coming home to your furniture in order, is always best.

Old Dogs Can and Do Learn New Tricks

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 7/14/2013
Just as I believe every day is a gift, I believe my dogs are a gift. I enjoy sharing my dogs with other people and taking them to visit at nursing homes, the hospital and senior living communities. In order to do that, obedience training is a necessity. Obedience is a wonderful, positive experience for both dog and owner. Regardless of your dog's age or breed, you can do this. Here I describe my own experience and give you information on how to get your dog registered to get started.

Dogs and the Birth of America

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 7/4/2013
George Washington was an avid dog lover and breeder of Foxhounds. In fact, the father of our nation is also considered the father of today's breed, the American Foxhound. As we celebrate the birth of this great nation, I thought it would be fun to think about how dogs were involved.

How to Enjoy a Long Life With Your Pets

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 6/16/2013
We all want a long quality relationship with our dogs and cats. Being overweight has consequences for our pets, just like it does for us. Simple changes can make a big difference. Here we share our own experience in dealing with our dog's weight and offer some tips to help you. Our dogs are a gift of joy every day. We want to return their love with the gift of health.

We love our dogs!

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 6/15/2013
One thing is for sure. We love our dogs and other pets! They will be with us no matter what. I think dogs make unspoken vows to us that might even be stronger than our marriage vows. Watch this short video and see what I mean. Think "For better or for worse" and "In sickness and in health."

How to Create a Pet Emergency Kit

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 6/8/2013
When disaster strikes, it is always best to be prepared. Just as you need food, water and other supplies, so do your pets. Getting a pet emergency kit together simply takes a little effort and organization on your part. Your pets are part of the family. Make sure you have all your pet and human supplies organized, so you can safely shelter together.

Great Dogs Past

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 5/25/2013
Memorial Day is a time when we honor the memory of loved ones past. We are grateful for the service of military members who gave their all. We remember cherished moments we shared with family and friends who have departed this life. We truly consider our pets as family. We can't help but think of of the great dogs of the past.

Why Anyhourgifts?

Posted by Jeanette Woodward on 10/28/2012
For our first official blog post, we thought you might enjoy knowing more about our dog lover gift product lines and how we choose them. It's really pretty simple. There's a saying, "Do what you love and love what you do." We take that to heart and share dog items we love with you.